Blue Patent RM bag

  1. Did anybody else snag this bright blue bag for $200 from Luna Boston? Yummy...
  2. I bought it but returned it... it just seemed too big for me... (I'm 5'0...)

    But the color is definitely beautiful...
  3. I keep thinking - if only that bag was not patent, it would have been mine many times over.
  4. It's so cute!!! I love patent leather!!! great steal too!! Does that come with a longer straps too??
  5. It would be so cute if it weren't patent : )
  6. I normally love patent anything, but somehow this bag seems too wide?
  7. I bought it too! It was too good of a deal to pass up! I know it is going to be A LOT of blue patent...but for only $200? Figure I have a "practical" RM (Chestnut MAB) so now I have a "fun" one, too!

    Have you received yours set? Would love to see IRL pics while I wait for mine...
  8. I just took a look at Luna Boston and all the patent blues are GONE!
  9. I just ordered it yesterday. It was shipped today and won't arrive until next week. If you get yours please post modeling pics.

    I think this bag will be stunning with black and white or jeans and a bright yellow tee! Brights are all the rage right now. I love colored bags and will wear this all summer!!!
    OK, when I am not carrying my Choos...
  10. The more I look at it, the more I like it!! Too bad they are all gone! Its sort of a good thing b/c I am on a self placed shopping ban right now haha. Can't wait to see pictures of it!
  11. I really like it -- I posted in the other thread about this bag that the more rigid patent leather makes the flap and tassles so distinctive. The silver hardware looks fantastic with the cobalt.
  12. The hardware is silver? It looks gold. Now I have to go look...:confused1:

  13. You're right and I'm wrong! I'm sorry about that. I was looking at the bag part (not the handle) and the section by the flap and below appear as silver hardware to me. But looking at the whole bag it's clearly gold. I would prefer it in silver.
  14. It looks a little different than the MAB. This one was made just for Luna Boston. It has a strap attached to the ends instead of a handle which I like alot better than the regular MAB.
  15. Does this mean that you got it? I'd love to see pictures!! I've been kicking myself for not taking the plunge on this one. I really regret it! =(