Blue patent leather... YUM!

  1. Ever since I saw a Derek Lam purse I know I won't be purchasing in this decade, I've been obsessed with blue patent leather. Have you seen any blue patent leather purses that don't cost $1,500? I have 3 kids to send to college!:crybaby:
  2. ankorchick....are you anywhere near a Dillards? They carry Antonia Melania (sp), and their summer line has a cornflower blue patent leather that is really pretty. Don't know if that is your thing, but the bag that I am thinking of ran about $250 or so. And I think their Gianinni Bini line might have had one, too.
  3. Does that Goldenbleu come in blue? On the website, it only comes in black, purple and grey. :sad:
  4. Do you have Jigsaw in the US? They have a gorgeous one here - a shopper sort of style, quite long for 99 pounds :smile:
  5. For some reason, I still love the blue Erotokritos. I've looked at all of these and nothing compares to that! :biggrin: I prefer the smaller basquet style, the big one would prolly drown me.
  6. That's cute! But I sorta dislike the snap closure on top, I tend to hurt my thumbs on those things, lol. Sorry for being so fussy :shame:
  7. Here is a Rebecca Minkoff hobo in cobalt patent at Lunaboston

  8. These are all so pretty.....

  9. Here's a cute one by Michael Kors

    and here's a cute one with some blue shiny accents by Gryson:
    mkhnb2000919952_prod_medium.jpg Josey-Blue-Fr307web-70703.jpg
  10. Why does the Liz Claiborne one say "emerald" as a color description?? :confused1: I hope it doesn't come in green instead of the yummy blue...
  11. ^ i saw the Micheal Kors one in person today, and honestly it's pretty barfalicious. It looks totally cheap and is WAY to stiff. Not impressed!