Blue Patent Leather Gallery Tote?

  1. Does anyone here have the blue patent gallery tote?

    Do you recommend it? A friend of mine loves the color blue and is considering it, but isn't sure about the patent leather. . .
  2. don't have it, but I covet it in blue
  3. I think the hesitation is the patent makes it look like "plastic" on the blue. Does it look fake-looking?

    However, the mahogany color looks rich and gorgeous!
  4. From what I've seen on the site, I dont know if it is a dark blue or a sky blue. The tote looks like a dark blue, but the skinny looks like a sky blue. Normally, these things are made the same shade. I dont know is it the photography or what? If it were sky blue, that would e nice. I would like to see it in IRL but there's no Coach in my country.
  5. That's the thing too - the wristlet & mini skinny are different color blues and don't match the tote. But personally, I like the Chelsea optic blue baby bag!
  6. hmmm im not too fond of the whole patent part.. its just a little too much for me!.. except the blue is too diee forr!!
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