Blue Patent/Canvas Medium B Bag

  1. Hi ladies... I am currently looking for this bag, at a reduced price (if I am not being ridiculous). I'm getting the matching B belt in the blue so it would be a nice set. Saks has it for about $1500 full retail. If anyone sees it anywhere say in your department stores, could you let me know? I'm in Australia so hopefully they post overseas. You can reply here or PM me. Pity Jomashop doesn't have much in the medium size. Was going to get the large but I haven't heard much good about it and I can't try it on before I buy it.

    (the PF is horrible, lol, I never liked this bag to much but it's kinda of grown on me, a good price for one might actually be a good excuse for me to get one)

    Thanks in advance! :nuts:

  2. ooh cute! Will go good with the belt. Now THIS is where the 10% would have helped lol. Will keep my eyes open..
  3. Hehe... We'll see. I've got my SA in Sydney trying to locate one for me so we'll see how that goes. Contemplating the Gucci Indy in black as well... That's a sexy and hot bag. Can't decide, so I better sit on it for a while.
  4. You should! I'm contemplating the blueberry heels right now since I saw it in the deals section thanks to you! With the codes I get 15% off and I'm like :nuts: but I can't decide..
  5. I would get the heels. I love to have matching shoes and bags. You just look that much more polished.