"Blue" part time

  1. Hi- I just received my first Balenciaga ever in the mail from bluefly and its a GGH part time and they called it "Blue" I thought i would see the color name somewhere on the bag when i got it but i cant seem to find it anywhere- The color is like a light navy but kinda dull like a slate blue- On the tag thats pinned to the inside zipper there is only BALENCIAGA written on the front and the inside is completely blank! is that right? is there a way to tell what color the bag is (on the bag) and is the tag supposed to be blank?? THANKS!!
  2. What season is it? Does the tag say 3 2007? If it does, it's probably marine. Why don't you post some pics so we can help you ID it? And congrats on your first BBag!!!
  3. Sounds like glacier blue.
  4. ok the tag thats inside the zipper says this
    2007 1 173082 D941G 86
    Doublure :TEXTILE

    Does this mean anything to anyone??
  5. from looking at the pics on the site it kinda looks like SOME pictures of anthracite when it looks blueish- just doesnt look like the blues i've seen- could it be anthra??
  6. ok took some pics but they look bluer in the pic then real life
  7. Thank You!!!!!
  8. Pretty color combination. Congrats!
  9. What a beauty...CONGRATS!
  10. I love the color!
  11. love the color, congrats!!
  12. congrat.s- she's gorgeous!!!!
  13. beautiful! congrats!
  14. Wow...you scored a MARINE part time from Bluefly?!?!? Congrats!!! :tup: