Blue Paon and Malachite different enough?

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  1. They are both beautiful and don't look similar to me.
  2. I see it as different bags ( with different uses) and in different colors- so no big. But I'm also quite thrilled with different bags in the SAME color ( black in anything for example, because the uses of each bag varies).
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  3. D0DE3935-875C-4DEA-A534-E5D780658B25.jpeg
    Your question sent me rummaging through my closet: “I know there are malachite and blue paon things in here!” Well, as luck would have it, I found three items that might help you with your color conundrum.
    Left to right:
    Bastia (Bleu Paon—Chèvre); Jige (Malachite—Swift) and Tutti Frutti (Bleu Paon/Lime—Swift/Chèvre)

    The colors appear very similar to me (listen to your mother!) but if you like them, want them and can afford them then there’s no reason to say no. Well, no *logical* reason to say no. :lol:
  4. they look similar to me as they both have a shade of green.