Blue Paon and Malachite different enough?

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    Dear TPF family, can you please share your insights for my decision whether to get a K28 Blue Paon.
    Since I already have B25 Malachite Togo, my mom remarked that the two colors are similar coming from family of blue/green....
    What do you guys think? Thanks mucho gals
  2. Not particularly similar IMO ( a turquoise with some green and a true jewel green) and the bags are completely different. I would get these two bags in similar colors or even one color I loved, no problem.
    Lots of us have several bags in a general color family that works with our wardrobe, preferences, coloring. Seems like a good idea :smile:
  3. Hmmm I've never seen malachite and BP side by side but in my mind, they are pretty similar....
    If you love both colors, the bags styles are totally different and in my mind it's justifiable to own both.
    I think the colors are diff enough. What are the hardwares?
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  4. Malachite is a medium green. If it is mixed with any blue, it's only a little bit. It could be considered a sea green. It's a soft color, not in your face.
    Blue Paon is a brighter color, a turquoise with a distinct greenish undertone. I have had leather bracelets in both these colors. Still have the BP one.
  5. Malachite is almost on the dark side of green whereas Bleu Paon is so bright not exactly blue or green. Basically Malachite blends in with your outfit and Bleu Paon gets all the attention. Of course if you want to diversify your collection there are different ways to go as you see fit.
  6. Totally different
  7. Think your Mom makes a good point!
  8. Very different. Maybe see in person and bring your Malachite
  9. They are completely different colors to me. I have blue paon in epsom, it's very bright and more turquoise blue than green. Malachite is more green and deeper.
  10. Hmmm I do not own any of those colors but based on photos Bleu Paon is a very bright turquoise blue whereas Malachite is a deep rich green. Totally different IMO!
  11. These are different colours to me but even if they are not the style of bags are different so that alone justifies it. I have many similar coloured bags but in different styles. If you love these colours you will likely use the bags more than getting a different colour for the sake of being different.
  12. Your mum does have a great point, but you are going for two different styles K vs B.
    I also think that these two colours though from the blue/green family, are not completely the same. I think they would go well together in your collection.
    Are there other colours as alternatives, which you are after that may make one of these colours redundant?
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  13. I don’t find them at all similar.
    48744CD8-3376-44FE-96E6-55EB0D327C28.jpeg C0FC0E21-AE55-4762-970D-2831F1793C1E.jpeg
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  14. Keep in mind I have 2 bags exactly the same colour (different models and leathers).

    Bleu Paon is much closer to the new Vert Verone (I tried them side by side last week). Malachite is deeper and more subdued. If these are your only 2 H bags then perhaps go for a very different colour as well as model, in that way I agree with your mother, but if these are just 2 in a larger collection, then why not? Especially since Malachite must go with your wardrobe well already so it would follow BP would also.
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  15. I have both colors in different bags and they although they are different shades, they serve similar occasions/wardrobes. They are different but the same in a weird kind of way, if you know what I mean. If you love the colors, then go for it. I would suggest to pick a different color if you would like variety. They personally don't provide enough variety for me.
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