Blue paon and blue hydra

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  1. Hello, does anybody have seen :
    - Evelyne PM and Picotin 26 in blue paon ?
    - Evelyne TPM and Picotin 26 in blue hydra ?
    I often check but I've never seen those colors in those bags.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. If it helps, I've definitely seen photos of picotins in blue paon and blue hydra before
  3. .
  4. i've seen picontin 18 in blue paeon, and evelyne PM in blue hydra... I like blue hydra a lot!
  5. Yes seen irl
  6. Thank you for your answers.
    I've seen Picotin and Evelyne in those colors too. But the specific ones I'm looking for, never.
  7. Thank you, bagidiotic. So I have the hope to find them irl too.
  8. Of coz you can
    Try all possible ways
  9. Check out the club Picotin! pics of two color together ! To me, it is a bright blue and a green.......... But both are very very very beautiful color
  10. Where did you see them ? No Evelyne 29 blue paon and no Evelyne 16 blue hydra in my country.
  11. How you know?
    Which country?
    You saw the inventories lists?
    You installed cctv?
  12. I've seen Evelynes in those colors but only in second hand markets like tradesy - you may be able to find pics there. I have not seen them in stores..
  13. Why are you so agressive ?
    I'm in Europe.
    I didn't see the inventories lists but my SA did it and told me Evelyne 29 in blue paon and Evelyne 16 in blue hydra aren't made this year. That's all.
    You are a very lucky girl if you saw those bags, this year, irl. Have a nice day.
  14. Thank you for your answer.
  15. Dont be mistaken
    Ok thats was what i meant
    If you believed what the store said
    Nothing offensives
    Direct to point not aggressive
    Peace cheers and gd luck
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