Blue Pandora

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  1. I ordered this online, but I'm not sure exactly what/which color it is. Is it the Oil Blue or Electric Blue? Also if anyone knows which season it is? I'm assuming it's 2015 maybe AW or SS? I'm hoping it's more of the real color. Anyone have modeling shots?

    I wish there was a Color reference guide here like Balenciaga's sub-forum. (Hint hint lol)
  2. Oops, forgot to attach the photo.

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  4. Looks like oil blue
  5. ^^ I think this is correct.

    There is a reference area here but since Givenchy does not have as long a history as Balenciaga with "IT" bags and there are not as many TPFrs participating in this sub-forum as in the Bal sub-forum, we don't have such an extensive reference library.