Blue Paddies?

  1. Hello Ladies

    I need...ABSOLUTELY need the blue paddington. I've been a devoted balenciaga follower for quite some time...but then I saw the blue paddie and fell in love :love: . I've been trying to find a place that has it in stock. Does anyone know where they have them available? :shame:
  2. Which one? Blue nuit (dark bue) or Blu claire/jeans moyen (light blue). Some stores probably still have the light blue in stock. the blue nuit is long gone from retail stores

  3. I think it is still available too. Its $1480 - too afraid to call Lisa and ask her if it is still there! I just love the color- go for it!
  4. i heard from my SA at the Chloe boutique in CA that they might be getting 2 or 3 blue clair's sometime in the next two weeks. also, as a heads up, there is a dark blue w/ silver hardware coming out for fall that i am wait-listing for.
  5. Wow, baglady, dark blue with silver hw! That souds like an amazing combo, it will sell fast - so glad you're on the waiting list already!
  6. That dark blue/silver hardware combo sounds marvelous:love:. Thanks for the heads up:smile: Now, to add this to my ever expanding wishlist..
  7. Saw two bue Paddys in Stuttgart at Fischer's One Hobo and the Satchel in dove blue with silver hardware. They also ship. Good luck
  8. The sky blue paddy that i posted has been SOLD. No, not to me, some other lucky lady:cry:
  9. I've been hunting for the dark blue paddie. I think I've officially given up on buying light colored purses. They get dirty sooo easily (no matter how much you try to take care of them). I want to cry everytime I see my Calcaire balenciaga.

    THanks a bunch ladies! - Lin

  10. :idea: that must be a gorgeous combination. Did you wait list at the Chloe boutique?
  11. WOW WOW WOW, now I'm comtemplating the baby mousse, or a dark blue with silver hw! Did they show you a sample bl949, do you know how dark it is? :nuts:
  12. I have a dark blue which is currently in Paris having the lock replaced...
  13. Anyone know where I could find a blue jeans moyen paddy?