Blue or White Belvedere 2?!?!

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Which color should I keep?

  1. Blue!

    8 vote(s)
  2. White!

    4 vote(s)
  1. I bought both of these, and I can't decide!
    - I wear black 95% of the time, so either of these would pop nicely.
    - I don't have a white bag yet, but my concern with the white is that it just kind of looks like a stiff bag from afar (since the Goyard logo is less visible).
    - I may like the blue slightly more, but I also already own three other blue bags (though they're all very different styles).

    Thoughts?? (Sorry about the super messy bedroom in the pics...) 20190628_170756.jpg 20190628_174323.jpg 20190628_174258.jpg
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  2. Hi! May I know where you got them? Been wanting to get my hands on either of these 2 colors.
  3. I voted for blue because you can wear it all year round. Although white looks so good too. Im sorry I know I’m not helping. I just love both colors and I think you won’t go wrong choosing either one.
  4. I bought one on Fashionphile and one on Yoogi's Closet! Both were about $700 less than retail, which was very nice. I'm leaning towards keeping the blue, which means I'll be sending the white one back to Fashionphile, if you're interested in it!
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  5. Since it’s crossbody style better keep the blue to avoid color transfer prob
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  6. Ah, I didn't know if Goyard canvad was as susceptible to color transfer as leather is. Good to know!
  7. I would keep the blue. I have the older style gray, and the back of the bag has become dull from color transfere. Because the gray isn't that different from the white, I wouldn't purchase a white crossbody bag.
  8. Blue
  9. Do you mean grey also has color transfer prob? I’m thinking to get a new tote in grey
  10. I have had no issues it’s my grey Goyard and had it for over 5 years.
  11. Thanks. I’m waiting my new goyard tote to come. Hope i will like it
  12. Thanks so much for letting me know. The blue will certainly be more carefree!
  13. Thank you! Will check it out.
  14. I don't know that I would call it transfer, it's just dulled. It is from the first gray offering, and has been worn lots. Maybe because is is cross body that it's rubbed on clothes?
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