Blue or Pink "S" charm

  1. The blue ones are in the stores, I have seen the pink ones on eBay, which would look better with my whiskey color bag? I wish they were brass but oh well....Thanks
  2. hmmm....hard question without seeing each w/ the whiskey first. I'm going to say the blue. Pink I don't think will really stand out.
  3. Thanks purse, that is what I was wondering, which would stand out the most. Of course my Coach store had every darn letter, but NOT my "s"
  4. as much as i LOVE pink, i would go with blue against the whiskey.
  5. Blue would be a nice contrast. But I just adore pink! Hard choice. Will stores ever have both colors for you to compare?
  6. I liked the pink..but not the RED on the other I waited for the blue..and it coordinates nicely with my $ charm.
  7. I wouldn;t go with either actually, I'd go for the dollar sign if you were an S!
  8. Believe it or not the Money sign has alot to do with my last name so I thought about buying that one!!
    Thanks everyone for the help deciding.
  9. i vote for the blue also!
  10. I vote blue.
  11. count me in for blue too:yes:
  12. Blue it is....Going to Coach today and hoping this other store has them in stock....Thanks ladies