Blue or pink Coach

  1. I really want to buy my first Coach. I mainly have Prada, but I've really fallen in love with Coach as well. Plus the price is very nice :tup:
    I'm looking for a blue or pink bag (no leather), does anyone know anywhere online I might be able to find one? I've been checking out, and I love several styles there, but I can't find the colors I'm looking for.
  2. I know there are some Hamptons Scribble totes on eBay that come in pink and/or blue if that helps!
  3. I love those! But I'm not really into buying designer stuff on eBay, there are too many fakes on there :tdown:
  4. i've actually seen some cute blue or pink Coach bags at the Coach outlet. i'm not sure if there is one near you...the last time i went, the Coach outlet was having an additional 20% off sale on stuff. it looks like since fall/winter are soming up, coach has moved a lot of the spring/summer of 07 stuff into the outlets so if you like any of those styles you might be able to find it there. I hope that helps.
  5. I'm out of the country right now, so it has to be someone who ships internationally unless I wait :sad:
  6. i'm not sure if they will, but you can try calling them just to see. Even the people a the Coach outlets that i've gone too (Lake Arrowhead, CAmarillo) are really helpful and try to be as accomdating as possible. Good Luck! If i go and see a large stock, i'll let you know.
  7. Thanks. Do you know where in central Florida I might be able to find a Coach outlet?

  8. That's so funny... our outlet always has 20% off their red markdowns. It's like it's just the basic sale they have day in and day out. The REAL sales are when they get bumped up to 30-50% off. But 20% off is a every day occurance for us.

    Our Waikele outlet didn't have anything pink, except for the leather rose Legacy flap. And blue... there were denim Legacy items and lots of navy signature styles.
  9. Suite 1213 Coach (407) 4650555

    That's the one for the Orlando Premiun Outlets.
  10. I was just there a month ago and they have a TON of stuff, I don't remember seeing anything pink or blue, but they could have gotten things in since then I'm sure.
  11. you are going to have to wait for spring for those colors.

  12. Oops... I missed that one. Thanks.

  13. Yeah most likely. I was just thinking maybe there was a sale somewhere etc where I might be able to get one from this year a little cheaper.