Blue or Navy Mascara - making a comeback?


Blue/Navy Mascara - yay, nay, or indifferent?

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  1. I've seen it mentioned in a few mascara making a comeback.

    Benefit even came out with Bad Gal Blue

    What are your thoughts on this? Basically, I've come to the conclusion, that if I did the trend the first time around (80s), I'm too old to do it again...but this really intrigues me. Anything to make my eyes look whiter/ know?
  2. I like it, I actually have worn it on and off for the past couple of years...I guess I'm ahead of the trend this time lol :smile:
  3. Personally I would only wear it at night. However, I also think looks rediculous with the older you get.
  4. It looks good.
  5. If you're a dark-eyed brunette of any age, it should never have gone away.

    It will make your eyes pop, but will not be noticeably blue!

  6. I wear navy mascara - it doesn't scream blue, but it's a nice change from black or brown.
  7. Me too!! Got shu uemura mascara...just need to find it now ;)
  8. Oh my goodness, I was a SLAVE to cobalt blue mascara in the 1980s...I've got pix to prove it (sorority composite photos, ha!). I even used to wear green sometimes!

    I think it's cool as a comeback for those who haven't tried it yet. I only wear black now but would try navy again as it's more understated than super bright blue.
  9. I was just in sephora today and tried the new benefit blue bad girl mascara it was GREAT! I have darker lashes and it did not look like 80's blue at all, it looked black with a navy tint. The benefit one is definitely tame enough for any brunettes.

    I actually left the store with the diorshow unlimited in blue, which is REALLY bright right out of the tube, but again on my lashes black/blue tint. Both really made my eyes pop, and since I have smaller lashes and eyes I was estatic.

    I thank shimmapuff and her mascara tips for this one! She is the reason I was trying it on in the first place.

    Oh and when I added a navy liner my eyes looked even better!