Blue or green?

  1. I know I am not getting it for about 5 months or so but would you choose the blue denim baggy pm or the green? I would figure the blue would match more........but the green is awfully pretty too. Do you think the green would go with everything? Anyone have it?
  2. i personally love the green better. if you decide on the green your options are limited to the secondary market though as it's a discontinued color.
    the blue you can get new anytime......
  3. i prefer the blue more!
  4. Ohhhhh thanks.....I forgot that green was discontinued. I love both. I also love the fuschia but I am not sure I want to spend that much on a pink bag. Thanks ladies!
  5. I like the blue!
  6. I vote for the green!
  7. from all the denim line, i love the blue the best...
  8. For some odd reason I like the shapes of the bags in denim...just not necessarily the denim so much.
  9. blue
  10. GREEN!!! It's more different... and unusual....
  11. green
  12. love all 3 colors, but went with the blue since I felt it went with more- had it a few months now and it was the right choice for me.
  13. I personally love the blue. I feel like it will go with anything just like denim jeans. The green is beautiful as well, I just think the blue with jeans looks stunning!
  14. blue
  15. green its more limited