Blue or Green?????

  1. OK. So I happen to walk into NM last week and they had a beautiful new green city (not sure what the pre-fall color is called). I really wanted the blueberry one. Well, I bought the green but I may return it. It is a gorgeous green and the leather on this one is scrumptious. Hmmmm. Do I hold out for the blue? Anyone know if it is still available?:yahoo: I know they are both great but.....I really wanted a blue one and am sorry I never got the cornflower city.
  2. I think you should go for the blueberry. It seems like that is the color you really want. NM could locate a blueberry bag for you. If they can't find one, call BalNY they have them available.
  3. I've seen both the blueberry and the sapin in person and both are gorgeous :love: The blueberry actually looked quite similar to ink but without the purple undertones. I thought it was much darker than the cornflower. I almost got the sapin, but ended up with rouge vif.

    Why don't you hang on to the sapin (don't use it) until you can locate the blueberry city and then have them both at home to decide? IMO you can't go wrong with either color!!!
  4. I have the Sapin City and love it too. But, if what you really wanted was the Blueberry, you won't be happy until you get it. So if you can only keep one, then why not try to find the one you originally wanted. :smile:
  5. ^^I'd love to see photo's of the sapin city!
  6. ^^^ Beauxgoris, I posted it in the 'Documenting Balenciag color' (I think post#519 or there abouts. I also have it posted in The Bagshowcase subforum 'Goldensx5 assorted Bag Collections'. It's a very pretty color green and the leather is very nice on them it seems.
  7. I'd like to see photos of someone wearing the Sapin!! :smile:
  8. Wow, Golden ... your collection is just unbelievable! Have you thought about starting a Purse Museum?! I would come... ;)
  9. Holy crap, Golden, that collection is huge and very nicely balanced. I don't have enough places to go in the day for that many awesome bags! I would definitely have to get a life if I had a collection like that!!!! Oh, and some more moolah would not hurt either!:graucho:

    As far as the poll, I say keep the green, find the blue, compare, and finally-keep both just for the heck of it! Good luck!
  10. Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. I think you are right. The sapin is a beautiful leather...I have heard the blueberry is not as nice. Maybe I will wait and just return one when the blueberry comes in. I appreciate the help girls!!! SO glad I found PF!!!!!
  11. I think you made a good decision to wait a bit and see what you think once the Blueberry is in, Princessofthehouse. And Thankyou for your sweet & funny comments on the bag collection, Reovi and Fiatflux. :smile:
  12. How well does the Sapin match w/your wardrobe? Which of the two colors do you think will be more versatile? I'm having the same dilemma! I like the idea of the nice Sapin leather, but Blueberry seems like it might be a prettier color.
  13. If you really want blue, go for it!
  14. totally agree!!! :yes: