Blue or gold for a 50cm HAC



  1. blue

  2. gold

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  1. What color for the 50cm travel HAC? I plan to get one of the 2
  2. blue
  3. Hmm...need more specifics, which blue, what color hardware and most importantly which skin?
  4. Yeah, what he said. :p
  5. definitely depends on the blue....
  6. in general, gold is more versatile
  7. My vote goes to the gold. A 50 blue might look like you're carrying a piece of the sky. A bit of Hermes sky no less.

    It really depends on how much attention you want when you travel.
  8. OK I travel with in the state of California (car trips )and to NY probably wouldn't take to NY or on plane.
    It is Togo ,blue jean with palladium white stitching.
    The tan is all one tone no contrasting stitching with palladium as well
    I'm 27 so my Mom said go for blue but it's a hard call
  9. In that case...I would say go with the Bleu Jean. I much prefer that to Gold, but that's my personal opinion. Have you had a chance to see sakara's thread about her trip to Hong Kong? Her uncle had a Bleu Jean Birkin 50. Hope that helps!
  10. 27? Then go with blue.
  11. I will check the thread Mr Posh
    Thank you all I'll tell you when I call the store.
  12. Alegory, I picked the blue. :smile:
  13. Always gold
  14. gold all the way, goes with everything.
  15. gold, unless it's a really dark blue. 50cm in bj might be a bit much.