Blue or Dark Brown Gaucho? Help!

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  1. I'm buying a gaucho from the Dior outlet... I had the SA put aside a brown, but I'm having second thoughts and wondering if I should get a blue. I tend to think the brown will be more versatile, but the blue looks prettier in the TPF photos I see. What to do. Help!
  2. I like the brown better
  3. I saw the brown IRL a while ago, but don't remember. I just think it doesn't photograph.
  4. i like the brown one better too
  5. I'm going to stick with the brown. I do remember it being beautiful IRL. They are 80% off at the outlet now. I sold my double and miss it, so am getting another. I had olive before and never loved the color.
  6. Brown.
  7. so how much is it with the 80% discount??? if u dont mind me asking..
  8. which outlet do you go to ? the last time i check the one in desert hills they were around 800 $ i also would like to know how much it is after 80 percent off and if you sa have more gaucho left ?
  9. $440+ tax for the double, $350+tax for the single. Woodburry has one red tote, but the SA told me that it was beat up. CA is sold out, I didn't check FL.
  10. I live in NYC but use Sean at Desert Hills CA because he is so nice and I'm doing a charge by send anyway. The bag came to $440+tax and shipping. I think he has the double in almost every color and a bunch of singles. SO CHEAP!!!! Call and ask for Sean. Tell him Abby sent you :smile:
  11. What a steal!! for that price... why choose? Get them both! :yahoo:
  12. I just posted what Sean has on the Dior outlet thread. Good luck and post your finds!
  13. thank you so much for sharing . those are amazing prices . i just notice they didnt have the blue one anymore and there is patent gaucho or "metalic " saddle either.they have a lot of great colors left though and im having a hard time to choose the colors ...i love them all lol
  14. I think they may still have blue.... call and see. I couldn't decide what color, but went with the brown. Part of me wanted the blue also, but maybe next sale.
  15. the problem with the blue is that you can't pair it with everything like the brown .

    however i love the color . i wonder if the blue is enought dark or if dark color do transfert to it though.