Blue or Black?

  1. Ah ladies! Help me choose, I'm being indecisive :{

    What I actually need is a real wallet that will lovingly follow me! And adorably accompany this cute charm.

    1. Should I keep this blue zip wallet or get the exact one in black?


    Neiman's and Bergdorf's online are both sold out of the blue saffiano now, lo and behold last week I spotted the exact one on Bluefly, after discounts it came out to 270 incl. shipping! Take that 410 pretax!

    Cost aside, I love that the pretty blue saffiano is something different, but I love black saffiano and how the gold logo and charm constasts against the black moreso than the blue.


    In addition, if the wallet remains blue, it makes me want to keep this (also found for a steal recently as well). But I don't NEED it.


    Both are about the same size and both can act alone as a clutch.
    And both hold everything from my keys to phone without bulging.

    2. Keep both or just the zip wallet?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts!
  2. Hmm... that's a gorgeous clor of blue... I wouldn't kick it out of bed! :smile:

    My answer will be biased because I always go with wallets of color. It makes it so much easier for me to find in my bag! I've been carrying a red vernis LV french purse in my bags for a long time -- I can SEE it easily and I just love the pop of color when I open my bag. I think that's a beautiful, versatile blue color and if you really like the color, I'd say go for it!
  3. Both!!
  4. Love the blue. Different but not weird! Keep both!
  5. I vote for the blue
  6. i :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: the black zip wallet!!! if you don't want it, feel free to toss it my way!!!!:happydance:;)
  7. i like the blue one better.
    the blue stands out more and
    let us know if you decide to keep or not :yes:
  8. Oh, I'd say both -- different styles, different uses!!
  9. Keep both. =)
    From the pictures, I personally prefer black.
  10. I like the blue.
  11. ^^Ha-Ha I was thinking the same thing!!! :p
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice! I've decided to keep both lovlies cause they're just too irresistble to let go, :dances:
    Hello blue zip wallet and black clutch, :heart: saffiano