Blue on Blue

  1. I wanted something new for my trip to Florida as I was feeling blue because this will be my last travel for a bit. I am going to become the Bionic Woman in March and will be able to leap to the nearest Vuitton in record speed with my new Knee replacement... nothing will keep me from Louis!!..

    The Antigua line is so under rated.. its a shame.. I haven't taken the peelings off the front plates which is why they look greenish..

  2. I love this! Congrats!
  3. Congrats! I love Antigua in blue! So funny how you keep the blue wrapping on also. I will not remove mine until the very last possible second. Wish you a quick and speedy recovery from your surgery too.
  4. Gorgeous...congrats Jean! And enjoy your trip :smile:
  5. Love the color. Why do you think it's so under-rated? Maybe because of the canvas? Do you think the quality is worth the price? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm thinking about getting this blue one and I'm not sure I can justify the price for canvas. Seems like it would attract dirt so easily. Sure is cute, though! Congrats!!!
  6. How lovely! :love: I hope it made you feel less blue to get these beautiful blue antigua items...perfect for a trip! Enjoy!:yahoo:
  7. This is not my favorite LV line, but best of luck to you in your future Bionic adventures!!!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats! Is that the MM?
  9. *jealous, once again*.............I :heart: IT!! CONGRATS!! i love the blue!!
  10. Melissa
    Oh for sure, I think the quality is worth the price after seeing the LOVE canvas bags there is no comparison. I would rather have this one. I plan on spraying this with scotch guard on the outside which I am sure will help. Also I am not planning on using it as a beach bag either. The small pouch makes a great cosmetic bag..

    The size is a MM...
  11. Congrats. I love the colour:love: :drool:
  12. ITA with amamxr, very under rated. Very hardy, does not get dirty easily at all, and very verstile! I just sold my blue one...but only because I got the pamp, and with so many big bags...I knew I would turn to the pamp. more....but they are simply gorgeous and the insides are just as nice!
  13. gorgeous!!!!!
  14. love the colour, congrats! and have a great trip and good luck with the knee replacement!
  15. i forgot to mention, looks like from your avatar that you got more than something blue to cheer you up......:drool: :love: :yahoo: