blue nuit paddie for my 30th bday !

  1. all:

    i've been reading all of your posts and threads for the past three weeks when i finally decided to buy my very first chloe paddie and my very first branded pricey bag for my 30th bday this April 19. i'm in manila so i asked a friend to buy it for me in new york. he had it shipped and according to the schedule, i will get it tomorrow or wednesday ! i can't wait ladies ! and guess what ? the color is blue nuit !! im so happy that i decided for a color that seems to be getting good reviews from everyone ! although i noticed that it has gold hardware. should i settle for silver hardware instead ? or it does not make a difference at all anyways ....

    in sum, i'm so excited to get my paddie soon and i will definitely make another post once i receive it ! i really hope it is worth it .... DROOL !

    i attached a pic of my paddie bag now ... i know most of you have it but still i really cannot help but keep staring at it ...
  2. :yahoo:Wonderful!!! I'm happy for you!!! :dothewave:
    I hope to see pics soon!!!!
  3. Yay for you! What a great color choice for a 1st Paddy! (I saw 1st because there will be more!):yes:

    Happy birthday!:heart:
  4. Perfect choice! Happy birthday!!!!! This is a great way to celebrate!
  5. Here is the pic!

  6. i LOVE This colour! its TDF!
    gorgeous! im completely jelous! :smile: wear it well :smile:
    and happy birthday! :biggrin:
  7. I love it!
  8. Happy birthday. Congrats on your 1st Paddy. =)
  9. Congrats!! Great choice in color!!
  10. Congrats on your first paddy. And Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!
  11. happy b-day, congrats, hopefully i am going to receive my new one as well soon!!!!!!!
  12. It is a beautiful bag!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday! :yahoo:

    And congrats on your first Paddy - great choice! ;)
  14. Happy birthday!! I hope it'll be a great day. And lovely choice of bag.:heart::heart::heart:
  15. Happy Birthday Girl! And that blue nuit is sooooo cool! First of many I am sure!!!