Blue Nuit front pocket paddy on clearance at bluefly

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  1. gone but thanks for posting! maybe a tpf'er got her
  2. It's still there if you still want to get her!
  3. Wow, how much was it?
  4. a little over $1100
  5. i just saw this link... I'm the one who got this bag! I got an additional 10% off with a coupon code. It's due to arrive tomorrow.:graucho:
  6. Oh wow...congrats! please post pics when she comes!
  7. ^^^ definitely post pics. I love that color and style in the paddy.
  8. That's absolutely gorgeous... someone grab it!!! :smile:
  9. oh my....i'm so tempted! i would so get it if i didn't get the sand paddy from NAP sale.
  10. I bet that is amazing in real life. Photos cant do dark metallic justice.
  11. I couldn't resist it. I've just got the bag and was able to use a 10% off code :P
  12. Thats cool! Congrats.. post pics when she comes.
  13. I think that's the one I sent back! I got notification from BF about a week ago that my return was received, so the timing is about right.

    It's a gorgeous bag, Lyline! It just wasn't "me" so I sent it back, but I hope you love it!