Blue Nile Customers - Advice Please? :)

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  1. Hi,

    I am about to do a bank wire transfer to Blue Nile for a 2.14 Heart Diamond, D Color, VS2 Clarity, Very Good Cut and was wondering if anyone else has done a bank wire transfer for an order totaling more than 25k usd?

    Am just feeling a bit apprehensive at transferring such a large sum of money and was hoping some Blue Nile customers could tell me their experience. :smile:

    Thanks. ♥♥
  2. I haven did purchase with Blue Nile before but I really don't think you should make such big purchase not viewing the diamond photos. Have you tried Jamesallen?

    Especially on heart shape diamond, you have to research deeply on ratio (whether you like a wider or taller heart shape)?
    Heart shape varies alot!! I own one and I can tell you this. Especially the cleft part.

    The cleft part is the most important of all in a heart shape diamond. View mine here:

    Depth 56.0% - 65.0%
    Table 53.0% - 57.9 %
    Ratio 1.00 - 1.05 : 1.00
    Girdle Medium, Facted

    Very Good
    55.0% - 55.9% or 65.1% - 67.5%
    58.0% - 61.0%
    1.06 - 1.10 : 1.00
    Thin to Thick, Facted
  3. I have viewed the diamond photos, and I am happy with the 0.88 ratio. I do like a fatter diamond as opposed to a taller diamond. :smile:

    Your heart diamond looks awesome!
  4. Oh I am surprise that BN send photos?
    I think if you have, and is perfectly okay with the heart, then is safe to send wire transfer to BN.
    They are reputable after all :P
  5. That's nice to hear. :smile:

    I am just a worry wart, so was wanting to see if anyone else in our forum did the same - buying a diamond more than 25k via bank wire.
  6. BN is very reputable and reliable so if you like seeing what you will get I'd say go for it. Congrats!
  7. Thanks TraveBug, so nice of you to reassure me too! :smile:
  8. I've never wired to blue Nile but I did with good old gold. I was very anxious but thankfully it went smoothly
  9. Thanks for letting me know about your similar experience, the anxiety is building madly now haha. :P
  10. Good luck! Definitely do a reveal after you get it!
  11. Thanks dearie. :hugs:
  12. I was just given my engagement ring last week. My fiance said he did the wire transfer to Blue Nile because you get a 1.5% discount on the price (probably saving them the fee they get charged for payments by credit card). He didn't have any problems.
  13. You will have a bit of a hoop to jump through because its international but it's usually worth the cost savings.