Blue Nelli arrived :-)

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  1. I'm pretty happy. It is a unique funky looking bag and the leather is so soft. It does remind me of the leather on some of the Botkiers (Sophie) that had soft leather that scuffed easily. We shall see. I plastered it with Wilsons.

    The leather is evenly colored and a very pretty deep blue with a hint of purple. Not periwinkle, not Navy. My flash makes the bag a little lighter than IRL. It's the perfect size. Not huge and not small. Can hold my stuff and take a bottle of water and a book or two. I'm not going to worry about getting a Talia now. This bag fits my needs and on a scale of 1-10 on looks and functionality...I give it an 8.5.

    Nellli1.JPG Nelli2.JPG

    Nelli3.JPG Nelli4.JPG

  2. I love the colour!!!
    The design is cute too. It almost has a 'gustto-esque' look to it.
    Nice :tup:
  3. Cute! That color is really beautiful, and because it's not such a bright blue it should be a very versatile color. I agree, the big circular pieces of the hardware remind me of Gustto too. :tup:
  4. Oh so pretty! I love that color too. It DOES kind of have that Gustto look to it and IMO, that's a good thing. :yes:
  5. i love this bag, it's so cute and funky!!! congrats...I really like it in the yellow too, the shape is so unique!:tup:
  6. Hey... a Gustto with nice lining! What a great idea! I bet Gustto wished they thought of that...LOL
  7. I like the looks of your new bag and it does look like a blue baked potato. I like it alot.
  8. I love the style & I especially love this color!
    You are STILL the Kooba Queen, Lexie!
  9. I love this bag! I want one in yellow!
  10. I like this style, too. I've been eyeing it in the same color.
  11. I love that bag. It's really weird I got my first Kooba today and just saw a pic of the Nelli today and thought I would love that to be my second Kooba bag. Is it quite large ?Are they just in the one size? Also what colours do they come in?
  12. WHOA NELLI!! :roflmfao: Ok, that was corny.
    She is a lovely color and sure is funky!!
  13. Love the color and the bag is much better than I thought it would be. Your pictures are great! Congrats Lexie!
  14. I like the color a lot! It is a funky bag, but that can be fun!
  15. I just ordered this bag too and, having seen your pics, I'm even more eager to get it! Have to wait til next week something, tho.