Blue/Navy Paddy

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  1. I found a navy paddy at a good price at Diabro. However, I heard that taxes are tacked onto your purchase? How does this work? Has anyone purchased from Diabro before, and how did you order work out? I am pretty sure that it is on sale.

    I'm tempted to order it because I can return it, but I think about the splurge and this is me ----> :wtf: However, I've been looking for a blue paddington ever since I saw bleu nuit. I just don't know what to do. I bid on one that ended today on eBay, but I didn't meet the seller's reserve.

    Does anyone have good pictures of a navy paddy? If so, can you share? Or, if anyone has seen the color up close, what is it like?

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. OMG how exciting Cristina!!! Unfortunately, I know nothing about Diabro, so I can only be an enabler right now! Go for it!!!:graucho:
  3. Oooh, I'm excited to see navy pics/reports too. I saw one on ebay and fell in love.
    Christina, I think there is still one on ebay, with the shoulder strap? I might be wrong but you might want to have a look I think it was about $1400.

    OMG I just checked Diabro and it is so cheap!!! Now I desperately want to know the deal with taxes etc as well. Is diabro definitly authentic, I've never looked at the site before.

    Good luck Christina!!
  4. Well, I could just return if it I don't like it, right? :shame: So far my total is hundreds less than retail, because the bag I want is on sale. I did a search here and Diabro is authentic, and recently opened a site where U.S. customers can order.

    I am going to sleep on it. I have my silverado coming from AR on Monday, and I don't want to make any rash decisions and be stuck with a PITA return. I'll keep you guys posted, it's way past my bedtime :P
  5. Let us know what happens Cristina!!!
  6. I say go for it while it's on sale... otherwise you will continue to want it and then possibly buy it for more money later!!! :biggrin:
  7. Yay! If its def authentic I say go for it! Think of it as an investment:P
  8. Okay, so the latest update is... I'm still undecided :P I have been holding out for a grenat or bleu nuit paddy, those are my two most-wanted colors. So, I don't know whether to wait it out for one of those to come along, or just go with the navy and love it anyway! ;)

    I also looked up some info on customs duties. I think if Diabro put the full value of the bag on the customs form, it would come out to around $125 in taxes :wtf: Do I pay those when I receive the bag, or is that added to the final total? The last time I ordered internationally was from NAP when I ordered a whiskey paddy last year, and I didn't have to pay duties.

    This international shipping stuff confuses me :Push: