Blue Miranda: Literally 2 min later FedEx came a knockin and it wasn't my regular guy


Looking for LVOE
Okay she is here and let me tell you, I had seen a Miranda in stores, but after putting my stuff in her maybe the BF will let me keep her????? [Yea, there no way in h-e- double hockey stick, but a girl can dream].

First, the blue online doesn't do her justice. For anyone who owns the Bleecker patchwork line, the bag is really close to the blue patent leather patch.

Working on uploading the pics on Photobucket now... not a strip tease, I already took the pics just trying to get them uploaded!

Too bad the BF can't get the site from work, SHE has to wait until 5pm to see the pics!
Jan 2, 2008
WOW that miranda is FABOLOUS! I LOVE that shade of blue... super pretty! Yeah I wish they would make more of those Atlantic Lily's, I'd get one in a heartbeat as well! Congrats! :tup:


Jul 25, 2007
When I was in the store ealier this week a lady was returning that exact bag. She said she loved it but it was just too heavy, and she was carrying a large leather carryall with heavy braided straps, so Miranda must be really heavy. It was a stunning bag though.


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
Okay, all jokes aside this bag is fabulous. It REALLY makes me want a Atlantic Lily!
I would buy this blue Miranda in a heart beat if I didn't already own one in Atlantic!! If you can find a Lily in Atlantic, snap it up quick because the color is TDF!! Congrats to your BF for an outstanding purchase!!:tup:


Jul 2, 2007
That blue is gorgeous! Hey is that a tattersal cosmetic case in the bag? I am not really "UP" on the latest items out. I would love to get one...