Blue Metallic Nail polish?

  1. Does anyone know of some good blue metallic nail polish. I can't seem to find anything I like. On the devil wears prada emily had some blue nail polish I loved but can't seem to find anything? any suggestions? (I wish chanel would come out with some blue) Does anyone remember starry nights (I think that's what it was called) it was a blue, it was limited edition a while ago, and was gorgeous.
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    Ya, I loved "Emily's" nail polish on the Devil wears Prada!! :yes: :nuts: I'd love to know the polish she wore or something similar. Hers looked super dark blue-ish black...but you can obviously see the blue, wasn't hard to see like ceramic noir which is more black and a teeny tiny hint of blue undertone in the sun. (:heart: noir though). This one was like BAM!! It looked awesome!!:yes:
  3. There was an article in the Chicago Tribune that stated..

    "And Chanel is creating a black with blue marine tone that it plans to release in the spring."

    :nuts: Keep your eyes peeled!
  4. I've worn dark blue metallic on my toes for years. I love to mix it up especially in the summer. I think mine is Essie. I can check the color and # for you.
  5. I heard that too also. I actually thought noir ceramic was going to be the one with the blue undertones :confused1: !! I was disappointed! I hope they come out wth one soon!
  6. Creative makes one its more black wiht blue, its pretty. NFS is the name
  7. Try OPI "Blue My Mind." I think I got mine at Beauty Brands or Beauty Express.
  8. China Glaze makes a color called 'Drinkin my blues away'.
    Misa has 'Blueberry glaze'
    Creative has 'blue blood', NFS is actually forest green.
  9. NFS is blue....seventeen magazine has it in their Jan or Feb issue with all navy blue things. I also own it, its blue
  10. I found a bottle of Midnight Magic (Cover Girl) which is a super dark blue metallic. I haven't tried it yet because I just cut off all my nails. They need to grow a little before I'm ready for dark polish again.
  11. That sounds pretty. How about Aruba Blue by Essie.
  12. How about Glacier Bay Blues by OPI