Blue Megan on Sale site?

  1. I'm not able to get the blue megan:graucho:
    added to my shopping cart.
    Am I doing something wrong :confused1:

    hopefully there not sold out :wtf:
  2. I thinkthey do not have it online, you would need to call and SA or email JC, they can tell you where theyhave one....good luck & good choice:tup:
  3. thank you - it pulls up on the sale site, so I'm hoping
  4. The bag is not available on line, my best advice would be to either email or call my SA and have her get you one from one of the stores here in the US. I have it on the 50% off list, so you should have no problem buying it from my wonderful SA Casey.
    312-255-1170 or email:
    It would be $942.50 + 30.00 to ship to you (no tax:yahoo:)

    Go get it!
  5. Robyn - thank you!!
    Do you like that color or do you think it's too much?
    My brain feels weak with this 50% sale :wacko:....
    The other bag I was looking at was a white Mahdi -
    I'm curious if that can be worn over the shoulder?
    its on the sale site, but doesn't pull up sale pricing?

    I really value your time and thoughts - thank you!!
  6. No, I love the electric blue. I purchased the Unite wallet in the electric blue and it arrived last Friday but have not posted photos of it yet. I would have purchased the Mahala in this color had it still been available, but I wait for sales and then it is typically sold out:crybaby:
    Go grab it, I think you will love it:tup:
    Blue unite.jpg
  7. Robyn - that wallet is gorgeous!
    is there a room for dollar bills or do you have to fold your paper money?
  8. No, the bills fit length wise and there is room for about 16 credit cards:graucho: and a zippered area for coins or misc and a couple of inside flaps to stuff receipts. It is a really nice wallet and I am waiting for the liquid patent Unite (the new fall patent plum color) to go on sale later this year to match my Mahala:sneaky:
  9. Oh that liquid patent is TDF!:nuts:
    In fact, my friend showed my a burgandy one on this site which is how I became interested in tpf.