Blue medium monogram mat agenda

  1. Just noticed this beauty on elux... wow...

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton; Monogram Mat Agenda Fonctionnel MM; ag


    I was at the LV in SF today and once again, my SA had no clue about the products. She wanted me to believe that the only medium agendas LV makes are monogram and epi. Uh, no. Those are just the only ones YOU know about.
  2. Love that blue!
  3. well, the line was discontinued long ago, and they've already started pulling it off the shelves, so maybe the SA didn't realize what you were talking about :huh:

    are you thinking of getting that agenda? i love the Monogram Mat line :love:. i have the medium agenda too, but in black:tender:
  4. No, she didn't even know about the medium Taiga or the medium Damier, either!

    I wish I could get this one... but I am in a freeze right now spending-wise. We'll see what medium agendas they have around in December, or maybe I will score one from a PFer! I did look at some Gucci agendas today, too, they are gorgeous in guccissima.
  5. oh man.. i am sooooo tempted...