Blue Maxi Jumbo

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  1. Hi, i had the chance to get this bag :yahoo:

    In which years they used this closure for the maxi jumbo?


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  2. Oh wow congrats. They're vintage. Made in the early to mid 90s. What are the numbers in the hologram sticker? That should tell u the year/date this bag was made. For example, mine is in the 3 series which was possibly made between 1994-1996.
  3. Congratulations, that's a nice vintage bag :smile:!
  4. Wow! Beautiful bag
  5. That's a lovely bag, l_b. A real stunner and I just love a dark blue, which is so classy.
  6. Beautiful bag! May I ask where did you get it and how much did you pay for it? THanks!
  7. I was wondering this too.... I have the same bag in black.

    How could I find out the approx. date made? Mine is numbered with a 1.

    OP, congrats!! Beautiful purse!! Navy is beautiful BTW.

    Mine is numbered 12xxx,xxx. Is this the early 90's? Black lamb jumbo xl, big cc's,
    burgundy lining