Blue Mascara?

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  1. what does everyone think of blue mascara? Any thoughts? yah or nah? ***** Sorry guys I see someone post a similar thread***. But, if anyone would like to add comments.
  2. I wanna get some. I used to wear electric blue mascara in high school. But, this was back in the '80's when everything was in bright colors. I'd like to get a nice, subdued blue this time around. Long story short, blue mascara, I give it a big thumbs up!
  3. I think it'll look good if you do it from the middle of your eyelashes to the end - not the full length. Or of you do it from like the edges of your eyelashes so when someone sees your profile they'll get a hint of the blue popping.

    Total blue eyelashes....I don't think that'll look very sexy. Maybe more costumey.
  4. Huh, never heard of blue mascara, but I think it could look good if it was a dark blue and one had blue eyes. I'd like to look into getting some now that I think about it. Do you recommend a particular brand?
  5. Love it!!!! Just put some primer under it for that brighter blue!!! :smile:
    I have purple green and blue from MAC
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. If you have black eyes, hair, lashes, brows, etc, it is what you should have been using all your life.

    If you haven't, give it a shot, you will be very pleasantly astonished.

  8. I wore bright blue mascara in the 80s, too.

    I've seen navy blue mascara in ads and at counters but have yet to try it. Maybe I should:yes:
  9. I was told by the lady at the Estee Lauder counter that blue makes your eyes pop...I was sold. I get so many complements from guys when I wear it. And I have brown eyes which I thought the combo would be weird. LOL!!
  10. I havent tried it, but after reading this thread, I think I will!
  11. Really?? I've always wanted to try but thought it would be weird since I have brown eyes... do you use dark blue, navy or just plain flashy electric blue? :nuts:
  12. I like Great Lash royal blue. I think you get more "pop" from that than from navy.

    But again, I am talking about dark-eyed brunettes here. Even if you use a blue that looks very bright - not light, but bright, in the tube, once it is on your lashes it is NOT going to look like it does on your friend with blue eyes and brown brows.

    It will not be perceptibly blue on you, but it will on her.
  13. i would love to try colored mascara. Navy, Dark Green, Deep Burgundy, & a Royal Purple are all colors I'd give a shot at.
  14. Same here, lol....I also love wearing it and found Diorshow makes a great blue shade. :yes:
  15. I'm gonna try the new benefit badgal blue mascara.