"blue" MAM ( I think its stonewashed) what kind of leather is it? rop

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  1. Got a pretty Blue MAM on Ebay, just wondering how the leather is on this color? I think its stonewashed blue, but not sure. Its got the "fleur De les" lining inside.
    Ill post some pics in a minute.
  2. I have a Stonewash Blue and it does not have the fleur de lis, it has the black and white flower thing! It may not be stonewash blue!
  3. Here are two pics, one with flash, one without.
    bluemam1.JPG bluemam2.JPG
  4. That might be navy. Where's GUNG? She'd know, I think she has one.
  5. Oh God, if its Navy, I will pee my pants. That is my Holy Grail RM color.Dont get my hopes up!LOL
  6. i really think it's the stonewash b/c of the semi-shine of the leather in the 2nd pic. i have a black stonewash & the leather looks exactley like that. also, i think the navy has more of a "pebbly" leather.
  7. Hmm, it looks like a stonewash blue to me. The leather is supposedly really smooshyy, congrats!
  8. my navy has the pebbled leather. congrats on your gorgeous new bag though!
  9. the 2nd picture makes it look more like the stonewashed blue. I've seen pics of the black, and both look very similar.
  10. Thanks ladies! Ive been wanting a blue MAM for a while, Im so happy!:yahoo:
  11. Looks gorgeous - congrats on your great buy!!!
  12. I mentioned before, the stonewash blue I have has a different lining. Did they come with both?!
    Either way, it's blue, it's beautiful and you love it! That is all that counts!
  13. i think it's a stonewash blue because the navy is much darker and even without flash it is still dark.
  14. To the best of my knowledge, this color is just called "Blue." It in indeed a stonewashed-looking leather and is very soft. It is definitely not the Navy Blue colored MAM though. HTH!

    Here is a Navy Blue MAM: You can also see it at the right end of my signature.
  15. ^^gung i want your navy blue!