Blue Lin Owner, Need your opions!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am looking for a casual bag from H, and considering getting a blue lin Clemence Jypsiere in size 28 -- the smallest...I think I would use it for shopping or short trips to other cities, etc

    I know it is a very versatile color, but I am little concerned that it is very light, even with some grey undertone it can help to hide the dirt, but still, is it hard to keep clean after all? Your opinion please~~~~ many thanks~~

    P.S: I don't baby my bags, but I am not horrible with them....
  2. Get the bag!!!!!
    Bleu Lin is such a wonderful colour!!!! I have a jypsiere in Argile and I did not notice any dirty areas so far. And I think Argile is somehow lighter than B.L. Just make sure to carry some whipes with you any time you wear the bag ( I have those lexol ones), just in case..... I did not Need the so far but who knowes....
  3. oh i love blue lin! i have a double sens in obsure/blue lin and it's wonderful! i also don't baby bags and it's been fine - such a gorgeous color!! hopefully we will see modeling pics soon!
  4. ^^^ I second this!
    I have the same DS combo as Thay and the Bleu Lin side has been extremely versatile - perfect in warmer months with cream and beige but also fabulous in fall and winter with black.
    I have had no issues with discoloration or color transfer.
  5. Bleu Lin is absolutely adorable! I have a bleu Lin in Kelly long wallet and a Victoria which I use only a daily basis as my work bag and it just looks better by the day! It's super versatile and pretty much goes with any outfits. Can't wait for your reveal!
  6. Oh yes, get it! I have a Bleu Lin Evelyne and love it to pieces. As Monceau said, it is perfect in all seasons. I get so many compliments on the bag too! Go for it!
  7. I have a Blue Lin Ulysse. I'm not a blue person, but Hermes makes them all so yummy! I feel it's just as sturdy as the darker colors--my opinion. Very awesome.
  8. Hello - I have a bleu lin birkin GHW 35 and LOVE it! It seems to stay clean and it is just a gorgeous color for winter or summer. I do think the small jyspiere in bleu lin is stunning and I was soo tempted to purchase it but I bought a larger jypsier to accommodate my little laptop. Good luck!!!
  9. my blue lin birkin does not rest trust me thing is the color is subtle and very pristine care is not such an issue and the blue wont become as dated as blue jean or mykonos becuase its not part of a period (blue jean one of Hs first COLORS in its base collection) (Mykonos Hydra etc...the pop color period)
    thing is to me its the only prsitine blue H has made because its so soft very easy to care for, to match and wear i would buy the bag for sure !!!!!! i very much hope this helps but i truly suggest you buy blue lin.