Blue Le Fav or F/W 2006 red Pleated Spy?

  1. Hi Ya’ll,

    I am thinking of buying either LV Le Fab in blue or new pleated red cherry (may not be the name of the color stated by Fendi) for F/W Spy bag 2006 but I need your opinion on this two bags so I can decide which one the right bag for me to buy. Since each bag costs over $3,000, I really want to make sure that this bag is worth the money and I will be able to use it well. I love the Le Fab but I am not sure that bag can be use anytime due to the bling factor? But since the color is blue it does give a little subtle feeling to it. The Cherry Fendi ( I haven’t seen in person), since I owned the regular dark brown, I feel that the red cherry with pleated will give me a unique style and a new color although I have question will this color good also for other season beside Fall and Winter? Also will blue Le Fab be good use for Fall and Winter, also can these two bags use as an evening bag ? It is so hard when you pick other color beside black for evening, but then I am not looking for an evening bag on this case. I am just thinking of the flexibility on the usage of these two bags.
    Please state your opinion on these two bags and which one should I get? Oh the red cherry spy is on pre sale and will be available in September. The Le Fab is on hold so I got to make a decision which one I should get.

    Below are pics from Saks and Star3777’s pic! TIA guys:biggrin:

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  2. I say Spy......but you cant go wrong with either decision..its up to your personal perference.
  3. The Spy. There's no contest. It is a really better-made bag than the Le Fab, IMO.
  4. Woohoo! Thanks Tammy and Jill!

    I am a little surprise but yep I am feeling the same! I am also leaning toward the spy. :love: For some reasons I feel like I can wear more of the spy than the Le Fab. I heard the blue le fab color will be discontinue? :graucho:
    I think that why I am thinking of getting it although it is a fabulous bag!

    Keep the opinions coming girls!
  5. Hi Sweetea, I say the Le Fab. I prefer the blue colour
  6. i prefer the le fab, its more classic
  7. go with the spy
  8. I think the spy...the Le fav...seems so structured to me....Gorgeous...dont get me wrong...but I love the spy.
  9. Thanks for your opi guys. Keep it coming and please share your thought of the two bags.
    Oh la la..I wish I can buy these two bags. :P

    But I can only afford one..:Push:

    Which one of these two bags that I can use best for an evening out? No?
  10. I think I prefer the Fab over the Spy. You really can't go wrong either way, but the LV just looks more classic than the Spy to me. Or, to throw a wrench in the plan, why not go for a Hermes Kelly or Bombay bag? Just a thought, but seriously love both bags.
  11. sweetea-i don't have the le fab, but was chatting with a lady when i was at chanel boutique who did have it and she was not pleased. she said it was not well made and was falling apart after only a few uses. again, i don't own it myself, but that's what she told me. she ended up leavind with 3 chanels :love::love::love:and made the sa very happy.
  12. LOL! Love that comment Jag! I would love to have a birkin or kelly and I have been wanting it for long time but i am still in their waiting list! Maybe I am not too patient person..I got frustration easily when I don't get what I want :shame: so I tend to not wait..and buy other instead.
  13. I am in the same boat my friend! This waiting is for the birds. :rant:

  14. OH My..really??!! The SA told me this bag suppose to be a well made bag. It made of the goat leather and they choose the best part of it for each bag and on and on. I noticed the leather part IRL actually it looks really good but of course the bag itself is really a statement of a bag! You know it when you wear it! It's a fab bag!
    Errr..I would hate to see $3,000 something bag falling apart after a few uses, I def would demand a replacement for a new one! Not repair!
  15. le fab!!