Blue jumbo flap

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  1. Anyone know how easy or difficult it is to find the blue jumbo flap. I was told one of the hottest bags and will be nearly impossible to find. Is that true?
  2. i saw one in boston chanel yesterday with the shw
  3. was in houston Chanel today and there was one on display with shw.
  4. I saw one in Beverly Hills yesterday
  5. ^^^ Is this the Cruise dark navy color or the new blue coming out for Spring 09?
  6. ^Hi Steph! I don't think the new blue has hit stores yet. :smile: I haven't received any calls haha, so I hope my SA isn't holding out on me!

    The Cruise dark navy is realllllly pretty (I was seriously tempted! :sweatdrop:), and it isn't hard to find (that's SA speak for you should buy it now haha :P)... I saw one at NM White Plains today! :smile:
  7. ^^^ Thank you for the clarification Minal! I was nervous there for a second! :sweatdrop: The dark navy is gorgeous and has a more subtle elegance, but I couldn't swing this and the Cruise red at the same time. I wish that they could spread out these beautiful colors more to give our wallets some time to breathe! :nuts:
  8. ^Haha, I know what you mean!! :sweatdrop: :P I kept telling myself I didn't *need* it (I have a $600 GC too!), because I have the '07 navy patent flap, but the navy caviar really is gorgeous... lighter than I expected too... and a lot nicer than the previous incarnation of navy, which was practically black! :nuts:
  9. ^I know M! I'm seriously tempted too :sweatdrop:, this navy is really gorgeous. :drool::faint:
  10. which blue do you prefer 07P distressed lambskin with bijoux chain or the current navy caviar jumbo? i have an opportunity to get the 07P at the old price which is almost just the same price as caviar, would you give me your advice?