Blue jumbo caviar or red patent GST?

Blue Caviar Jumbo or Red Patent GST?

  • Blue Caviar Jumbo flap

  • Red Patent GST

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Jul 5, 2007
I know there are worse things in life, but help!!!

My totally awesome SA called today, and the Cruise line has finally arrived. The cobalt blue caviar jumbo arrived today, as did the red patent GST. I tried them both on tonight, and I can't decide!! Holt Renfrew Private Shopping Night is this coming Tuesday (gift card offer), so she arranged for the cobalt blue jumbo to be put aside for me. (They were only expecting two, and I was #2 on the waitlist!)

Did I make the right decision? The red patent is a gorgeous shade of bright lipstick red, and it's awesome too, but I cannot justify purchasing SEVEN Chanel purses in the space of 3 months. (Six is tough enough)

Which would you pick?
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Aug 5, 2009
OP, get the cobalt blue jumbo! Bright color and I love flaps! I'm not a fan of patent on bags and I used to own a GST and it felt really uncomfortable and heavy on my shoulders and looked overwhelming on my small frame.

I know what you mean! I went a little Chanel crazy and bought ten Chanels within the span of three months...didn't even use a few of them, : P.
Aug 21, 2008
I pick the patent red if it were a jumbo , but btw red gst and blue jumbo , i'd pick the blue jumbo . The blue is an electric blue i should think and its a color to die for ! I have waitlisted for it as well . Both are gorgeous , whatever u decide , keep us upadted!!!