blue jean with gh, good combo?

  1. I am thinking of getting a bj birkin from a trusted reseller. It comes w/ gh. Most of the bj I saw so far are all sh. So waht do you guys think about this unique combo?
  2. There are a few pics in the Celebs and Hermes thread of Vicky B with her bj birkin that I think has Gold HW. It is really beautiful! If you love it, that is all that matters!
  3. I LOVE first I was not sure, but over time I have really grown to love it. Actually, it will set your bag apart from all the other BJ bags with palladium hw. Yours will be a bit more unique and stunning as well.
  4. I've always thought it sort of weird how seldom you see them as I think it looks great. Then again I prefer my bags with GH.
  5. i love it -- though it's certainly not as common. but i also think turquoise and other blue stones are gorgeous in yellow gold.
  6. I think BJ suits well with GH or PH. I personally love PH on all birkins, but to each of his own :smile:
  7. Another is sort of like always see it with palladium, but I saw it with gold and it is really lovely. Certain colors you just quickly think are better with certain hw, but when you see them you can easily be captured. Raisin is another...gorgeous with palladium, but with gold hw...yummy as well!
  8. LOVE it!!!! Absolutely LOVE it! If I could do BJ that's exactly what I'd look for in the hardware, no doubt about it.
  9. If I might offer a different opinion...
    I think of most colors as either cool or warm and prefer PH or GH accordingly...
    If it's a dark color, however, then I think in most cases PH or GH works fine (raisin, ebene, indigo are "cool" but I like them with either PH or GH even if I prefer them with PH). I am more conflicted about the lighter colors however, and personally think that the lighter cool colors look best with PH. Just personal preference though.
  10. i think instinctively of putting bj with ph, it looks natural, for lack of a better word, but then when i see it with gh, the contradiction holds a certain appeal.
  11. heels, contrast is exactly it -- white metal is neutral from a color theory perpsective, however on a complex color wheel blue and yellow are opposite each other (to varying degrees depending on the shades), or "complementary". the contrast between complementary colors gives rise to visual effects that do not occur when blue is paired with neutral white. it is frequently described as a sensation of vibration, though since my college years I have not perceived that particular phenomenon. in any case, it's this that causes the very different feel between blue w/white and blue w/yellow, as below.

  12. ^^^Dressage Queen, I love the way you explained that!! I think Blue Jean with GH is a very 'warm' combination.
  13. I'm not a fan of gold hardware so I'd always get palladium hardware or ruthenium hardware on all my bags. If you like gold hardware you should definitely get it. Let's face it, all Hermes bags are gorgeous. It's just a matter of personal preference.
  14. what an excellent way to demonstrate what you meant. i think it's really helpful to look outside of hermes for color visuals! gorgeous examples too:drool: :drool:
    you sound like a professional (with a bit of a past, lol). i go by gut, but basically we agree!:kiss:
  15. I like it! Very elegant!