Blue Jean, which leather??

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  1. As I am waiting for last weeks purchase :yahoo: to be delivered, I am contemplating my next one......

    I am dreaming of a 30 cm Birkin:love: .......

    The colors- blue jean or blue roi.....

    Which leathers do you ladies recommend in these colors and which is the nicer/ more striking color?
  2. I prefer Blue Jean in Togo and clemence and Blue Roi in ostrich and Croc.
    Two amazing colors!
  3. Do you prefer the Blue Jean in Togo or clemence?
  4. Bleu jean in Swift and bleu roi in croc
  5. ^ Ooh, forgot about BJ Swift. That's gorgeous, too.
    If you like Blue Roi, I'd actually recommend BJ in Clemence because it's slightly deeper and more sea blue than on Togo. Also, they're not putting out too much Togo right now, so most BJ items might be in Clemence.
  6. I have not seen the 'Swift'. Is the leather smooth or pebbled, does the BJ look vibrant or matte in it?
  7. ^ Think of Coach's classic leather (but much better quality.) BJ is vibrant in Swift. Hard to find this in a Birkin, though. Most you come across now will be Clemence.
  8. Thanks for all the info. Why are they not putting out much Togo right now?
  9. ^ Lovely description.
    Hermes puts out a lot of bags in the best skins they happen to have. Right now, it's Clemence (baby bull.)
  10. Sounds lovely, I don't think I have earned enough points with my SA yet to be offered a Birkin :s since I have only made two purchases (Kelly, Karo) yet. So i may be looking about a year down the line........
  11. I beg to differ! If you have a Kelly, you're "there." Just keep "workin' it!
  12. Thanks for the encouragement, I will keep working at it. I'll pop up to NYC in the next few months to get a twilly and look 'deep' into my SA's eyes :graucho: :roflmfao:
  13. I love blue jean in togo or clemence as well! I would take either in a heartbeat!