Blue Jean ULYSSE Leather Agenda

  1. La van asked for a closer look. So i took a few pictures.

    However, I cannot capture the sort of shimmering effect on the paper. :sad:

    cover, back, attachment, insert, with pen, with pen closed.

    i chose the three-color blank insert. There are different choices of different colors.

    I also attached my pen in the notebook, and it seems it can still close well.
    DSC02139.jpg DSC02140.jpg DSC02142.jpg DSC02143.jpg DSC02144.jpg
  2. Very nice pics. I don't see the shimmer, but it was worth the try. As always, beautiful color coming from Hermes. Just lovely.
  3. Thanks, kellybag. The shimmer is too sutle to be captured on camera.

    I think gigi has the same notebook. Maybe she can do a better job. :love:
  4. Thanks for the pics, HermesBB! Blue Jeans is my all time favourite blue shade from Hermes :love:

    I just got a pen from my hubby last looks very much like yours but I never thought of attaching it in my Ulysse. I'll give it a try. Thanks! :smile:
  5. Good memory HermesBB! :smile: my Ulysse is Gold Togo :smile:

    But I think my refills is plain white paper, no shimmer :P
  6. Yeah, i remember. Ur collection is stunning. :love: :love:
  7. Me want! I'm going on Friday and will most likely buy one. :smile:
  8. What color do u have in mind??? I should get the fushcia one instead, if i knew i will get the birkin in that combo... :smile:

    But BJ is also lovely...:biggrin:
  9. I just bought one today :biggrin: Mine is on the larger side though, I'll probably use it for notes :biggrin:
  10. Do they make this in fuchsia? My SA was checking the computer for me and they didnt have any :cry:
  11. I am not sure, i thought they should have it since they have almost everything in fuchsia, but as u mentioned it, i dunno... :sad2:
  12. Me too! :biggrin:

    Gorgeous hermessBB and just the right size. Is it lightweight even with the paper?
  13. My SA said that the togo doesnt come in fuchsia or cyclamen :cry: Unless I heard him wrong. I'd totally want that color to match. They had the fuchsia ostrich Bearn wallet, but it was in the large size *drat*. It would sooooo have gone with my agenda!!!:love:
  14. U totally should get one, it is not heavy at all, very convenient size.
    Especially since i can attach a pen to it, now it can also serve as an agenda :nuts: :nuts:
  15. duh... I am now thinking everything in fushsia ~~~:nuts: :nuts:

    i saw ur BV hobo too... It is such a beautiful color :love: