Blue Jean - Togo or Clemence?

  1. Hi everyone! Can someone tell me what the diffence in color is between blue jean in togo and blue jean in clemence? Is one brighter than the other? Maybe more turquoise? What do people prefer more? Pics would be great too! Thank you!
  2. I have no pics but I do know from seeing both in person that Blue Jean in Clemence is a deeper tone than in Togo.
  3. Thanks S'Mom! So Togo is more of a light sky blue?
  4. Wellllll......maybe a tad bit darker but you're in the right range......are you considering Togo?
  5. Yes, I'm considering Togo. Basically, I want less of a turquoise color and more of a sky blue.
  6. Ah......then I'd say go with Blue Jean in Togo. I think you'll love it!!!!
  7. I don't have the side by side pics but here is a pic of my BJ JPG Birkin (clemence) JPG Birkin.jpg and Jag's togo HAC BJ%20HAC4.jpg in BJ as well. HTH.
  8. Thanks so much for your help S'Mom and H-addict!!!

    But now that I see pics of both clemence and togo, i want both!!! Your JPG is gorgy H-addict!!
  9. skim, you are buying another bag??!!:wtf: Wow, you're really on a roll! Maybe you can buy a togo for your wife and a clemence for me???:graucho:
  10. i have a blue jean clemence kelly....not sure what it's like compared to togo though. sometimes it looks sky blue, sometimes it's darker. can't really put my finger on it! here's a pic:

  11. This Is Hard.....I Love The Color Of BJ Clemence....But, I Like Togo More!!!!
  12. Wow. The BJ color looks different in all three pictures. I can understand if togo and clemence takes dye differently, but togo, to togo shouldn't they be the same shade?