BLUE JEAN Togo/Clemence owners--question for ya!

  1. Do any of you use Blue Jean Togo or Clemence bags frequently? If so, do your bags show more noticeable wear than say, black, brown, or Rouge H? If you use hand creams, do the handles of your bag appear darker? The reason I ask is that I am hesitant to use my BJ Clemence Birkin 30 frequently. I even thought of selling it but I've decided to keep it. Would love your thoughts! Thank you!
  2. sorry, i don't have BJ, and you specifically asked about that. if it's okay, i'll still share my experience with raisin clemence. water has spilled on it, leaving no mark. i use hand cream - there is zero darkening. it's a shoulder bag but sometimes i hold the strap in my hand, and to open the zipper i handle the bag plenty. plus i hold it on my lap frequently so my hands are on it. raisin is lighter then chocolate brown, but obviously darker than blue jean, so i don't know if i'm any help. also, i've splattered lipgloss, gooey clear lipgloss, on it and it left zero mark.
  3. I have a friend who has a blue jean togo. She has never told me she has had any problems like you asked. Her only comment was the ability to match the blue jean with so many things. She also felt it wasn't an every day throw around bag. She has had it for about a year. I never knew she had it until a very short time ago. I asked her a bunch of the same questions as well. She fell in love with the color and had to have it. It made her happy she said.
  4. ot,
    i do not have a bj but i do have a gold togo kelly taht i frequently use and it hasnot turned at all!!!
    its my - well not my everyday bag, but i do use it alot.
    hope this helps!!!!
  5. OT - If I had a blue jean birkin, I would wear it with just about everything I own! I just love that color and hope you keep her! She is a beautiful bag!
  6. i had one and used her quite often and nothing has happend exept normal signs of wear like with every other colour with the exection of white naturally :flowers: use her it is a pity to rest her in the closet she needs to breathe
  7. I actually have 4 blue jean bags! 1 28 cm kelly in togo, and 3 birkins in togo and clemance (a 35 cm and two 30 cm ones). I've never had much problems with it discoloring or anything. Neither did it get scratched around the corners after traveling with it OR when my dog jumped onto it and thought it was his puppy bag (the horror!! :shocked:). I don't use it as often as I like to, but I believe the color is just as strong as let's say, potiron or cyclamen :amuse:
  8. OMG wonderful!!:yes:
    I have a black box Bolide and the handles have darkened, but I still love it sooooo much because it's broken in and vintagized!:love:
    I don't think togo or clemence has a problem with discoloration.
  9. OMG! Two Blue Jean Birkins!!!!! And a 35cm, and a Kelly to boot! Twigz, you blow me away!
  10. That's alot of blue jean Twigz...good for you!
  11. I must be the only person on the planet that looks horrible in blue jean!
  12. No do I. And I can't carry off Fuschia or Turquoise either...
  13. I don't think it would suit me......but I love the look of it on others:smile:
  14. I have used my blue jean trim a ton and it looks as good as the day I bought her. Maybe since it is a shoulder bag the handle has not darkened.
  15. Why? BJ looks great on all skin colors. :yes: