Blue Jean Togo Birkin color dated?

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Is Blue Jean color dated for Birkin Togo?

  1. Yes, it already has.

  2. Not yet, but soon or eventually will....

  3. Absolutely Not! Blue Jean is a Classic H color and always will be!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm think about getting the Birkin in Blue Jean color Togo . Would you think this color is dated now or will be dated soon?

    Please help me out here! I need you guys' opinion.... :biggrin:
  2. I don't think BJ is dated at all but a true H classic! I would have had one in a heartbeat if I lived in a warmer climate, for me BJ is a lovely summery colour, looks great with Jeans, white shirts etc. If the colour sings to you then go for it there are a lot of BJ lovers on the forum!
  3. I don't think there's such a thing as a 'dated' colour.
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  4. i think its overdone. its defintely a more trendy color. i like it when i see it but i personally wouldnt buy it
  5. Its a true classic in my opinion!
  6. I don't like it, personally, and to me, yes, I do associate it with being the "it" color from several years ago. But it sure was in demand then. It's very youthful.
  7. I love it, it goes with everything and living in a warmer climate, I use it all year long!
    A true classic H color, and actually this year has been declared the return of blue
    jean in the fashion world!
  8. I had one and as much as its a nice color, I couldnt see myself carrying it 10 or 20 years from now. Im in the NYC area, tha's probably why. I Sold it for a black box GH birkin instead and never looked back! That being said, I'll probably end up getting a small Kelly in BJ. It is such a cheery color.
  9. Agreed. BJ Birkin is actually my HG and I can see myself wearing it even when I am much older. If it fits with your style and your wardrobe then go for it.
  10. Which ones are the Classic H color? Sorry, im a 100% noob.. :P
  11. So you do like this color. You just afraid this color won't suit you for 20 years from now, so you rather have a smaller bag in this color?
    I just want to know how people feel about it. I don't want to get it and regret later.. :smile:
  12. I like my blue jean mini bearn card case because I can spot it in my bag. But that is the most of that color I could do and I will probably tire of it after a few more months. (I am NY based and think natural barenia is a huge pop of color though).

    Get it if it truly makes your heart sing. Otherwise pass :smile:
  13. 1) its a fun but obvious color that doesnt go easily with everything. 2)its very sporty and more casual. 2)its a 2/3 season bag unless you live in Florida, Ca or an all year warm climtae. 4)I think its best in a smaller size.
  14. I personally love the color!
  15. I love BJ Birkin in togo. I think it's definitely more classic than dated.

    Best wishes with the decision. :smile:
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