Blue Jean owners - help!!!

  1. Excuse me while I deviate from my gold clemence and back box goals for a minute. :shrugs: I need an everyday type of bag (um, Bolide.):shame:

    Do any of you use your blue jean bags as true "everyday" bags? How is the wear? Corners? Is it hard to keep clean?

    I appreciate your thoughts on this....
  2. fesdu is away this weekend, but ask her on tuesday... one of us will remember to bump the thread if need be. she has the blue jean togo kelly and she has taken it on numerous trips even.
  3. I just got my blue jean birkin so I can't say much yet.... it is lovely though.. I can see me using it on a regular basis..
  4. thanks!
    I was thinking about Fesdu's beautiful Kelly...
  5. :yes: No problems with mine. It is a shoulder bag but I am clumsy LOL so it's bumped into plenty of stuff with nary a scuff/scratch/dirt mark.
  6. ^ hmmmmmm
  7. PBC has a BJ kelly, maybe she will be online soon?!:yes:
    Good thread for us BJ lovers Greentea!!!:idea:
  8. I use mine everyday and the only problem I have is a little nick on the piping, which I think a trip to the spa will get it taken care of.
    Recently I have been using my HAC BJ for a library carry all:push: much to my DH's dismay.

    IF you are going to spend that much on a bag, you must then use it everyday otherwise buy four bags and rotate them out accordingly.

    A Birk is like Harrison Ford, it looks better with age :love:
  9. LOL and nasty with a moustache (saw him irl once :yucky:)
  10. ^ hehe
    It's not for a Birkin - for a Bolide. I have two other H bags but neither are suitable for true everyday use at this time (Rouge H Trim because of the color and my Birkin, because of the size and weight.)
    The Bolide will be easier to carry with my little kids in tow.
  11. <Blue jean Kelly owner>

    I think blue jean is a great choice of "every day" colour. It looks great with anything you wear, and altough it's a light colour, it's surprisingly hard to get it to look dirty. I've been using mine regularly, without being particularly cautious, and my bag looks brand new. I have even cleaned a minor spot on one occasion with a cloth and water...!!! I should note it's epsom.
  12. greentea i totally sympathize with your concern though re. a lighter color. very interesting/comforting/encouraging to hear this feedback.
  13. Thank you, Almudena!
  14. I kind of don't want to "jinx" it you know, so maybe if I whisper this really, really quietly...I have the BJ Eveleyne and traveled with it, in situations where I really couldn't baby it (planes, trains, automobiles, takeout Starbucks spills-oh my) and *fingers crossed/knocks wood* so far so good.
  15. I have a BJ clemence Birkin. I love it, use it almost every day. The corners have worn smooth a little and have minor white scratches, but I use this bag for every day and admit that I don't baby it.