Blue Jean ostrich

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  1. This is my first time to write about the birkin...Ive been bitten by the Hermes bug finallyyyyy and Ive fallen in love with both the blue jean ostrich birkin and the black birkin.
    How can I manage to order them? Do I walk into the store and place my name on a waiting list?
    Also could you give me tips on what you think the best leather is for a black birkin?
    Ive been to the reference library and had a look at some things but I got lost a bit.
    Heremesoholics help please.

    p.s if anyone can please post pics of the BJ ostrich Id be indebted.
    Thank you very much.
  2. blue jean ostrich and even other blues in ostrich are VERY hard to find. i think impossible to order unless you were willing to wait 5 years or so. but who knows? you can always dream. for a black birkin, if you are going to bang it around a lot and use it all the time, maybe togo, clemence, or chevre would be nice..or epsom if you want super light.
  3. The torture of waiting for just an Ostrich Birkin lasted for 3 years (in my book). With color restrictions and stuff, I think it's going to take more time. Our store quota is very small for exotic bags.

    I had to wait for 1 year before I could put my name down for an Ostrich Birkin excluding the waiting time to get the bag. So, your patience is really being put to test.
  4. Blue Jean ostrich has not been offered for awhile now ...... Hopefully in the Feb 08 podium, we may see a change.
  5. Thank you for the input...would it be easier if I tried looking for it internationally?