Blue Jean Ostrich

  1. Hi.. I'm new to this forum and would like to greet all the lovely H ladies around here.. I've been enjoying your threads for a long time and finally i have my own dilema!!

    I've been offered a 28cm ostrich blue jean with GOLD hardware. I know its very rare to come by and although my preference is 32cm Kelly, I'm afraid i will regret letting this beauty go.

    What do u ladies think?? Anyone has both sizes?? would appreciate comments/comparison pictures.

    I have 2 hours to make up my mind. Please help!!!:sweatdrop:
  2. Hello, H Junkie and welcome! A 28 Kelly is a wonderful size but, only if it's right for YOU! I have both sizes....the 28 and the 32. To me, it all has to do with what I'm carrying. Some days I need the room of the 32, some days not.

    I wear both sizes easily. I don't feel a lady's height has a lot to do with the size bag she carries as to looking good as I've seen all sizes & shapes of Hermes and Ladies wearing them and they all look great.

    I feel the bag size is first of all, personal you like smallish/average bags? Then the 28 would be ideal. What do you carry inside? Just a few things? I carry my wallet, checkbook, key cles, glasses case, another set of keys.....with some room to spare.

    The 32 Kelly will hold's longer and deeper and taller. It's kind of considered the "ideal" size.....but, only, of course, if it's ideal for you.
  3. I would go for it if you think you won't regret it/keep thinking you wanting the 32 Kelly!

    Welcome to the forum and keep posted on what you do!
  4. isus.. Thank you for replying!!

    unfortunately, i have to make the decision, call SA and they'll ship the bag!! I was actually debating with her if the bag is really BLUE JEAN since i THOUGHT it was very rare to come by to stores!

    Ok is there too much difference.. i mean will you consider 28cm small bag?? any picture u can share???
  5. I do have some pics of my wearing both sizes.....let me find them.
  6. Here is a Kelly 32 in clemence, in retourne.


    And, here is a size 28.....also retourne...for reference, I'm about 5'5"

  7. isus thank you so much for sharing these photos, i love the casual look of your kellys!
  8. Isus, lovely, as usual!

    Pass, if it's a 32cm you WILL come along.
  9. looking at these pictures, 4cm make alot of difference between 28 amd 32
  10. it does indeed
    althoug i dont have a 32, i tried it on, i think i prefer 28 ones i've got
    and hermes junkie, plz do not just buy a bag just because it's rare...the only question here is if it really what you not settle for 2nd best
    although i think blue jean ostrich kelly 28 is HOT!
  11. Great pics isus and love that your kitty is in it as well!!
  12. Isus, you're gorgeous as usual! Thanks for the great pics.

    HermesJunkie, how tall are you? More to the point, do you like carrying smaller bags or bigger bags?

    I prefer smaller bags to bigger bags, so I personally would NOT pass on a 28 blue jean ostrich Kelly for the life of me - but if you don't think you'll ever wear it......

    Can you have it sent and return it for store credit if you don't love it? I know that's LOTS of store credit, but I'm sure you can figure out a way to spend it at some point.

    Pls. let us know what you decided and bon chance!
  13. Hermes Junkie,

    28 cm is NOT too small. It's a nice size and I personally think the 28cm has the best proportions all around in a Kelly.

    Blue Jean ostrich ..... it's very very rare and it's believed to be discontinued because most stores have removed the leather swatch as the managers cannot even order any bags in BJ ostrich. Paris still offers BJ ostrich to some of their special clients.

    I prefer PHW with BJ ostrich.
  14. First, Welcome Hermes Junkie! This is a wonderful place to come and share your passion for Hermes!

    Now, about that blue jean ostrich! GO FOR IT! If you think you will love that combo, that would be a difficult one to pass up. From what I have seen, a 28cm Kelly can hold plenty, and I think in ostrich, it will take you easily day to night and everything in between! I hope you get it!

    And definitely post pics so we can drool over that gorgeous combination!
  15. rare as it is, i think if you really would prefer a 32, you should wait. i know that, for me, if i took a 28, i'd always be thinking "i wish this were a 32" don't want to have any regrets/negative thoughts about such a gorgeous kelly!

    [minor hijack: isus, is that gorgeous 32 kelly of yours thalassa blue?? it's stunning!!]