Blue Jean OSTRICH Birkin

  1. Hi Kou, that's a fake Birkin :sad:
  2. Hi, Gigi,

    Thanks for your assessment. Can you share with us why you think so? (I think you are right, of course :yes: ). My guess is that the key strap isn't right.... My key strap doesn't have whatever is attached the other end of the strap....
  3. Thanks Tokyogirl :smile: I'll not say too much in case the information is abused by counterfeiters.

    Let's just say the Birkin in the auction is a machine-stitched bag ;)
  4. WOW, impressive....:amazed: Thanks, Gigi.
  5. The stitching is a just does not look right.

    Just to let you know we have an authenticate this thread and you can always look in there or post about an auction there as well.
  6. I had been looking at this bag wondering if it was authentic. Too bad. I think it is a nice combination. I can't believe the price though! I hope no one buys this.
  7. yuk!!!!!
  8. Yuck is right, but Kou, I like the IDEA of this bag! An Ostrich BJ B would be a wonderful Birkin for you!
  9. Ok, so my initial assessment is right then. I thought the leather was a bit off, the color and the ostrich mainly ... I've seen blue jean ostrich in the leather book before and it's a lighter and a bit greyer than that

    This sucks, the things the counterfeiters do. It makes it difficult for honest sellers.
  10. Interesting, rochasgirl. I've seen that picture before and for some reason I remember that ostrich Birkin being in a more neutral, medium brown. Perhaps someone doctored that pic with Photoshop and made the bag blue! LOL

    I totally agree with gigileung about the machine-stitching of that fake ostrich Birkin! Take a look at where the handles are attached to the body of the bag. The machine skipped! LOL!
  11. Kou, right on,:yes: , also the big fat handles:shocked: :sick: !
  12. I think the natural medium brown was the one that is photoshopped. If anyone owns the magazine, they write something like the price of Ostrich Blue Jean is ????. ;)
  13. LOL, rochasgirl!