blue jean or raisin?

  1. for a birkin.................
  2. Raisin.
  3. Blue Jean if 30cm, Raisin if 35cm
  4. Have you seen both IRL? For me, it really depends on the leather. For togo. I prefer BJ To Raisin. Saw a Raisin togo IRL and it didn't sing to me (too dark and muted). Raisin is gorgeous in box (a lovely eggplant rich dark purple), especially if paired with gold HW. If i were birkinless and offfered BJ togo and Raisin Box, it would be a difficult choice (I'll get both!)
  5. Depends more on your choice of really can't go wrong either way. Good luck with your choice!
  6. you have to try them on IRL and see what suits you more. both are gorgeous gorgeous colors!
  7. Both are beautiful (I would take either:smile: but I'm leaning toward Blue Jean.
  8. Well I am biased, then again I LOVE Raisin, so I am of no help! Either way you will have a stunning bag!
  9. Hermesaholic get both!
  10. BBBBBBBBBBBOTH!!! Its never ENOUGH....... :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. i vote raisin!
  12. blue jean!
  13. Raisin for fall
    Blue jean for spring

    (but not exclusively!)
  14. :tup: That's the way to go!!! Heh!
  15. BJ if togo or clemence, Raisin if Box, BOTH if chevre!!! I also love Turquoise in Swift which is really fresh for summer.