Blue jean mc2 euclide card case in epsom - here's a couple pictures

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  1. This is first item in blue jean, and I am pretty psyched.

    (Actually, its my first item that is not black or some color of brown)
    100_0177.jpg 100_0178.jpg
  2. I think BJ in epsom is so pretty (but I may be partial when I say that, since I own a few BJ epsom items). Enjoy!!!
  3. This looks gorgeous.. If it's okay, can I ask how much it costs? It really looks fabulous...
  4. It's very pretty, BJ in epsom always looks so fresh. Congrats!
  5. It was $495 USD. Its a good compact size - 7 1/2 by 10 1/2 cm. You could actually use it as a wallet if you didnt have too much stuff.

    THIS IS IT !!!

    JEDI, I :heart: You.
  7. It's gorgeous- congrats!
  8. Oooh, you are BAD! Now I want one!!!!
  9. Jedi - that looks fabulous.

    YEAH, you have dipped your toe in the cool, clear, bleu jean waters :woohoo:

    Now - what next? :graucho:
  10. Very pretty. I love that color.

  11. smashing! :yahoo:
  12. Its gorgeous i love blue jean!! Congratulations!
  13. Very nice, congratulations. BJ is such a classic Hermes colour, it's almost a neutral in its own right. I'm daring myself to add some colour to my rather sombre range of accessories, thinking of potiron as my venture into colour, lol.

  14. It looks brilliant!
    Especially good in BJ...:yes:

    Is there room for bills in the euclide?
  15. That's really (!!!) good looking!!

    And I think you've made thereallouis's day!