Blue Jean Kelly - should I buy?

  1. Hi, this is my first time buying a Kelly (if I get it) and I'm unsure. It is in Blue Jean Epsom leather and is a 25 cm. Around US$5900.
    What do you girls think?
    I'm a real beginner here so be patient with me :flowers:
  2. A blue jean kelly is the dream kelly of many girls here. Why would hesitate on getting one? Where do you see the BJ kelly? Hermes store? Consignment store? What? Please tell us more....
  3. If you go to the Members Reference thread, there's one lady here carrying her BJ kelly. It looks gorgeous!!!!
  4. Hi Janetalvin! Welcome to Hermes thread! Did you see it IRL and try the size? What is making you unsure? Usually, if you've seen the bag and you're unsure I'd suggest that you pass. You've got to LOVE the bag the moment you see it IMO otherwise you might have regrets....

    What's making you feel unsure?
  5. Hi wow so fast! You girls are truly bag lovers.
    I saw it in the store. I LOVE the colour but was not too sure about the size. It seems quite small? Then again maybe it is not something you will use everyday.
    Also, it is not at my 'regular' Hermes store. I am not sure if my regular SA will be upset with me or be less kind to me when I finally want to buy a Birkin
  6. That is why I did not buy it immediately. Although my bag collection is nothing like so many others here, I already have difficulty remembering what I have and storing them, so from now on I want to buy only those 'must-have' bags.

    The blue jean colour is so beautiful :heart:
  7. Janetalvin.....was it souple or rigide construction? A souple construction will allow you to put a little more inside the bag because it's more pliable. Generally, a 25cm is a bit on the small-ish size for everyday use IMO. I love them at a 28cm size and even then there's really not a lot of extra room to throw stuff in. I have two in the 32cm size and find that these are perfect for daily uuse and I use my Kelly's almost EVERY day!

    Blue jean is a color that can go with almost everything and can DEF be used daily. I would, for sure!
  8. I won't force you to buy but my word of advice here: Did you love the kelly when you see it? Is it functional for you as in terms of its size?

    BJ kelly is one of the must-haves item beside BJ birkin. I would love to get one in BJ croc kelly. Whether or not your regular SA will be upset with you or not, remember it's your money and you have the right to make the decision. You can stll make your regular SA happy by buying scarves, shoes, cashemere, etc & if you can afford it, waitlist for a birkin while at the same time, you have the BJ kelly (if you want to get the kelly.).

    $5900 for a BJ kelly is quite cheap!!
  9. Hmm, I do not know if it is souple or rigide but it opens without that much trouble. I was so careful with it! Must have looked like a hillbilly. :shame: My only Hermes bags so far are the canvas ones so this was quite scary for me.

    So you think the 25 is more for evening use?
  10. 25 is suitable for evening use. It's very elegant.

    Do you say canvas? Garden Party/Toile Combo?
  11. Maybe I phrased it wrongly, I don't think she will be upset but maybe less willing to help me get a Birkin in future :P Maybe it is cheap due to the small size and the leather? Is epsom a less luxurious leather?

    I won't get a Birkin so soon, maybe in a few years times but I like to buy small things like the scarves, shoes, watches and porcelein ware (is that what you would call the plates and teasets?)
  12. Both rigide & souple are beautiful. What hardware is it? Palladium/gold?

    I really thinks it's nice. BJ matches with a lot of clothes.

    Think slowly.....make sure you love the BJ kelly first before you buy one.
  13. What is toile?
    Are you asking me which bags I have?
    I'm a bit lost :sad:
  14. what about pay your regular SA a visit and talk to her about the Kelly size that's suitable for you. (which gives SA the hint that you are interested in a Kelly). perhaps she'll find one for you? :flowers:
  15. Hmm.....I think if you continue buying scarves or any other Hermes items, she'll be willing to help you to get a birkin in the future. :flowers:

    Epsom is a beautiful leather. It's one of my favorites. :flowers: