Blue Jean Kelly or Birkin?


Which looks better in blue jean? Kelly or Birkin?

  1. Kelly

  2. Birkin

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  1. I'm hoping my next bag will be blue jean, togo or epsom. I'm waffling between a 32 retourne kelly or 30 birkin. The kelly because it's such a beautiful streamlined shape and the convenience of a shoulder strap. The birkin because I already have a kelly, and I think blue jean looks better in a birkin IMO. Some days, I think the kelly looks so ladylike that she looks better in the classic colors (black, gold, rouge H) over the brighter colors.

    Am I mistaken? What do you ladies think? Which looks better in blue jean, the kelly or birkin?
  2. i tried on a blue jean kelly last weekend and oh. my. god. perfection! i had no idea it was so beautiful!
  3. It really depends on how much you are dependent on the shoulder strap. I really do miss it when using my Birkin and tend to use my Kelly more. I do agree, however, that a BJ Birkin is just lovely. I would go for the Kelly.. so versatile.
  4. I was perplexed just as well and know where you're coming from. I love my BJ Kelly (haven't used it yet) but also love love the Birkin. I got a call re: the Birkin but declined since they were the same leather. I know I wrote about it before b/c I didn't know what to do. IMO, they're both gorgeous.

  5. I cannot argue with you H, It was perfection....:p
  6. thanks for everyone's input. i wish i could see both IRL and just pick one. i'm driving myself (and DH) crazy going back and forth. quinn's mom, i love your kelly!
  7. I have this same "blue jean" dilemma (actually in my case, 35 birkin vs 28 kelly). I think the answer is, its a close call and you are not making a mistake with either one of them. I know that doesnt help.
  8. What do you have already?? I agree with Jedimaster ~ either bag would be fantastic. I could see having a BJ one of each. Sorry to be so little help.
  9. I personally love blue jean in a birkin. It is the perfect combination! BUT you really cannot go wrong either way as blue jean is gorgeous no matter what!
  10. I saw an "older" lady in NYC with a Blue Jean Kelly and it was TDF!!!! Honest.....this bag was gorgeous. She put it on the counter while she looked at another bag and I couldn't keep my eyes off it!!! It was a 32cm Retourne Clemence and it had a sweet little slump going on because the bag was older and well loved and STILL LOOKED KILLER!!!! And this was in NYC where most of the bags I saw on the arms of ladies walking around the streets were dark colors. On this lady, this Blue Jean Kelly looked fantastic! Seeing her bag and how WELL it aged and how stylish she looked carrying it helped me decide to purchase my Olive Clemence retourne Kelly.....looking forward to my bag ageing well along with me.

    So, I vote Blue Jean KELLY!!!!!
  11. sus, i only have the 28 sellier black box. i'd love to have both bj kelly and birkin but i think i would end up loving one a little more than other other. just so hard to say which one it would be. thanks to the few of you who actually had an opinion. i guess this dilemma is pretty common amongst other tPFers. i'll probably end up getting the one that probably comes first (most likely kelly as they are easier to get) but hopefully i'll have a good idea/strong preference for one over the other.

    rose, great idea to use my kelly to see how much i REALLY depend on the shoulder strap.

    shopmom, thanks for the detailed story about sighting of the lady with bj kelly. i was picturing it like i was right there!!!
  12. I vote for the Kelly .... I love seeing BJ on others but just not myself ...

    My fave pic of a great BJ Kelly (courtesy of Fesdu)


  13. If you already have a Kelly I'd go with the Birkin purely for variety's sake.
  14. ^^^DING DING DING!!! Fesdu and her BJ Kelly always say perfection to me. Thanks for posting those again MrsS. These pictures also turned me into a BJ Kelly fan. Now to take on a bit of HiHeels' role: what about considering a BJ Bolide? It would give you the convenience of the shoulder strap but a less formal look perhaps than the Kelly.
  15. I have a blue jean kelly. I love it. Personally, I really like that it is a color, because I tend to think of it as a dressier bag than a birkin. Having said that, I don't think you can go wrong either way. BJ looks great with black, white, brown...almost any color you wear.